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Thursday, February 4

i'm 17 now!

rabbito made me this for my present ^_^
thankyoo rabbito :D

today actually didnt start off that good...
most of the school day was no fun at all
either boring or bad
when i got home i saw my mom was too
of course the first thing she did was yell at me -_-
but after wards we were gonna go to dinner
and nicko came along too :D
he was wearing a tie and looked adorable XD
it was funny...
the waitor asked me if i was turning not 17
not 16
not 15
not even 14
the waitor asked me if i was turning 10
i was sad haha
but the food was awesome ^_^
its a japanese habachi & sushi bar so its always good
i got nicko to try shrimp for the first time...
i dont know if he will ever eat it again tho XD
after the food
the waitor and another person came up with a drum
and they started singing to me
then they said to stand up and wanted me to dance
but i curled up in my chair and hid XD
i said i would dance if my sister did and i finally got up there
we danced together :D
then at the end
guess what i did...
the one and only
in front of everyone in the restaurant lol
embarrassing but funny lol i'll admit
mango ice cream :)

they gave me a tiny cheese cake
i should have took a picture of it
 this was all that was left by the time i did XD
these are birthday cards from people :)
the top from my dad
 bottom from my cousin
i got lots of money! 
i can buy school lunch now!!!! :D :D :D
alot of people wrote me a happy birthday on my fb wall too lol
and my friend from when i was little called me in the morning to say happy birthday :D
thanks everyone for making this the first "good" birthday i've had for a very long time :)

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