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Wednesday, January 27


today wasnt much of a day,
nicko's not much in a talking mood
so i feel really lonely :(
im used to hearing his voice before i go to sleep
and i love to talk to him...
i listened to that cute voice mail he left me a while ago though
which cheered me up a little :)

only highlight of today is that i started trying harder to learn "Angel On My Shoulder" on bass
and getting better :)
i wanna get that song!! i love it

well here's some pictures for you ^_^

lol i was drawing on my hand at lunch because my friend pulled out a sharpie and held it towards me
of course my first impulse is to draw on myself
so i took about 3 seconds with the marker then gave it back haha

 thats my bby nicko, looking adorable <33
he sent me that picture cuz i saw it last night in the van and i loved it
so i was like "MINE!!!!" haha
i go crazy over it lol
i &heart; his nose
and his lips
and his eyes
and his hair
he has the cutest profile <3

my little sister looks like an Angel here :) does she not?

First Anime Edit in Photoshop

this was Haruno Sakura from Naruto
to make it look more like me..
so think how much work i did to this lol
did i do good?
i was curious to find out how i'd do so i tried lol

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