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Tuesday, January 26

it was a good day for me :)
issues a little but to work out in the morning but pulled through as always <3
then the day at school we got all new classes...
i was worried i wouldnt know anyone but i knew people in each class!!
Nicko did say that everything would turn out fine...
i should have listened to him :) he was right!

classes i have:
Art II
Algebra II
Credit Recovery
i'm trying hard to switch out of the last class
i really don't like it...
and i dont like the teacher
she was mean to Chloe, (one of my best friends)
and i called her out in front of the whole class
which she didnt like
but i dont care...get what you give

even though i'm not a revengeful person...
i think she deserved it..
if you had been there you would get it
it was a very unfair situation
and the teacher's choice of who to scold was unreasonable
she punished the wrong person!
she should have thought it through

we had a project in creative writing last year where we write scripts and people from the drama class perform them,
one of the actors in chloe's group wasn't cooperating (from what i understand)
chloe asked the girl a simple question,
and she started going crazy!!
she was stomping around like she was gonna beat her up and causing a scene,
chloe stayed calm...
but she's the one who got in trouble!!

so because of that unfairness...
i cant really accept that teacher...

that class would be an easy A+ for me though
i have theater experience already from when i was younger
but that teacher...i just cant do that

other than that, it looks like i should do good this semester
i've got a nice math teacher,
i have no problem with art,
credit recovery is good
and im switching out of drama...

even if i dont get out of drama
i'll still get good grades :)
which doesnt happen much lol

tonight was fun!!
a bad thing turned to good!
Nick was w/his friends and thier van broke down,
they pushed it all the way from Colerain
to White Castles
then to my house
i was so happy to see him :)
he was so cute too <3

his friends are funny XD

Kyle was making faces at me in the screen door and asked me for some coke lol
they drank all of it XD XD XD
i kept re-filling it, lol
they were stuck outside with a van that wouldnt go anywhere
the least i could do is help :D
Larry asked for hot chocolate
...so i made some lol
but Pablo and Kyle drank it all D:
so next time Larry's near here im making him hot chocolate lol

kyle asked me to turn on the tv so they could watch through the front door
so i turned it on...
the first channel up was CartoonNetwork
and Chowder was on lol (i hate that show XD)
they all knew the show word for word 
i was speechless haha

i also liked today because Nick was being really affectionate <3
he was really huggy and kissy and i liked it 
i was sad when he left...
i was thinking about just jumping in there without making a sound
......but that would be creepy lol

i ♥ my nicko :)

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