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Saturday, January 30

a couple of pictures...

 me and my webcam were bored...
then photoshop joined the party.
me and the two programs were listening to HIM
thats sums up this
well today started out good, not bad at all
as the day progress the good faded...
i thought it was going to be a good night and i fought to get out of the house
but i ended up back in and got in trouble..
now im laying at home, cold, in my bed
with nothing to do besides write...

other things:
i hate being misjudged
i am really hoping for the best...

1 comment:

Pygmy said...

i wasn't trying to misjudge you, i wouldn't literally go to you and say you are obsessed with these people, sorry it was just a facebook thing and I'd forgotten about how upset it makes you. i used to get told i'm obsessed with michael jackson all the time, i hate it too. you probably just misunderstand my sarcasm and i understand the delayed reaction with receiving a greeting from someone you dont normally talk to. I'm sorry I offend you a lot.

i'm glad you understood the translation at least

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