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Monday, January 25


i was talking to Nick last night and we were just talking about stuff.
so i thought about it, and he's kinda like my second chance at life.

we both regret our past relationship(s)...
but now that we're together, its like the past relationships didnt even happne.. (or at least to me) like, i can remember them but the memories arent vivid..
it feels like i've just been with Nick the whole time, 
but we havent been together a whole year yet
...but its getting close :)

i feel like we grew up together but we didnt meet until spring,
we did live in the same area...
we did go to the same places...
we know some of the same people...
we did go to the same restaurants...
we even had the same favorite waitress...
but had never knew eachother..

we're always talking about places we would go when we were little and would find out new things and how we were probably there at the same time and just never saw eachother.

its like we were best friends when we were kids
but we never even met,
we didnt know eachother existed.

i wish i could go back and stop myself 
and just meet him before any other guy i ever really liked
or loved..
then i would have never gotten my heart broken
because i would have been with him, being happy

my childhood wasnt the worst, but it definately wasnt fun..
most people dont know the half of it, 
even people who knew me back then
there were times when i had no friends,
there were times where no one was nice to me,
there were times i felt betrayed and unloved
there were alot of those times..

but for some reason i dont remember them as well now,
for some reason i just imagine it was him always with me
like i really never was alone..

we rode bikes together,
but we really didnt.
we learned to skate together,
but we really didnt.
we went to the park together,
but we really didnt.

it's sp crazy..

and its like he's my first love...
i cant remember really loving anyone else now
because i love him so much more than i've ever loved anyone
its really all i know...
it feels like he was my first...

all of my other relationships just seem like bad dreams.
its hard to describe but i dont mind it at all :)

it really does feel like a new life,
everyone wants a second chance but not everyone gets it...
somehow, i got lucky ♥

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1 comment:

Pygmy said...

I like this post it's like a poem in itself

you and nicko are cute<3

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