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Saturday, January 16


3 variations of a photo i took the other day
i'm still trying to figure out photoshop and i played with this a little
this first one is unedited ↓

this is the first edit ↓

this is the edit of the first edit ↓

3 different variations and none of them look all that good
the last one is my pick for the best of the three

right now i'm about to do my Cheer-up Plan.
what is that?
its doing a bunch of things that i like all at the same time to distract myself from having a bad day.
because i am not at all in the greatest mood.

my Cheer-up Plan:
Listening to playlist of my favorite songs & playing bass/singing
Drinking Root Beer and eating microwave pizza
Going through good memories in my head
Writing poetry and watching .hack//sign re-runs
listening to "Rain" on Orisinal.com
it helps a little..
try making one yourself and see if it works for you

  A     Q     U     A     R     I     U     S  
It's normally easier for you to be logical than emotional, 
but the Moon's visit to your sign 
can bring intense feelings to the surface now.
 You may not be fully in control 
as you bounce back and forth between your head and your heart.
 Once you have expressed your needs, 
you might overcompensate by acting in a cool, intellectual manner.
 Your hot-cold mood swings could confuse others, 
so do your best to find a rational middle-of-the-road approach.


actually, its alot easier for me to be emotional than logical
maybe thats not good, i'm not sure
as Ville Valo has said:
"I'm not a big thinker, I've got a big heart and a small brain."
and i stick by that quote of his,
because that is exactly how i am
(if you guys havent been able to tell already)
i am trying to find a middle-of-the-road approach
but i'm not entirely sure how to do so,
i'm good with compromise so that might help
and to a certain extent, i can keep my cool
(very far extent, by the way)
i just wish things were a little easier sometimes,
but i don't want to express my needs..
so i wont.

sorry horoscope, you are a little wrong this time.

the only words i have to say:
Nick, I miss you.

1 comment:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

berry~~~~ cheer up ne o(^-^)o

i also badmood now o(-.-)o

but juz keep it cool ne o(*O*)b

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