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Saturday, May 22

so about today ~

today i helped out at my schools art show :)
guess who got to come with me...!
Nicko! <33
im glad i got to see him :)
we sat at the face-painting table, cuz thats what we were gonna help wth
but no one came up to us :(
so he painted my nickname on arm ^_^
i drew one of the swirls with my left hand but he did everything else :)
which was amazing ^_^ and my two favorite colors!!
we saw the orchestra play a couple of songs
and one where they do some percusson with thier hands...
i didnt really get it but it was cool i guess haha
after Nick left i was there a little longer until almost everyone left,
but my mom hadan appointment and my friend Becca didn't havee a rde home
and we both live far but in opposite directions @_@
so  went to her house and we had my friend Domingo drive us ^_^
the car was pact with the three other people though @_@
and the radio was kinda busted ....-_-'
but it was cool ^_^
this was my frst time ever meeting her in person but we talked over Facebook and on the phone through text so we knew eachother but had never met, so it was our first time seeing eachother
and we were shocked!!!
wanna know why??
because i am 4 foot 10 and she is like 90 foot 7!!!
just kidding...she's like 6 feet tall though and she's taller than my Nicko!
so it was like a baby looking at a giant when we met XD
i was at her house for a while and met her friends that live by her
we hung out with her friend Trisha the most

and we went to a park which was covered in mud while we were waiting for my mom >.<
we got ice cream from UDF and heated it in a microwave [????]
idk it was Becca's idea lol
here's the flower closer up ^_^
like it? it died now though:(it withered away :(
she stole it out of Trisha's yard XD she was like "wtf?!" XD
i was in a rush to go home so i call him >.<
well for him to call me lol >.<
i was supposed to leave at 6...mami was late by an hour!! @_@
i hate lateness...omg...like seriously hate it >.<
it freaks me out!
now i'm on the phone with  him
and he keep using the "cute little nicko" voice
and its making me want to like...
hide him in a broom closet and corrupt him XD
how naughty of me 0_0... >_>'
we're gonna go webcam now ^_^ hehee

1 comment:

Mina said...

I'm so glad you got to see him! Cute pictures!

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