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Sunday, May 16

an okay day and a give-away!

today was just a normal sunday, quite boring actually
kinda ran into my boyfriend today though :)
we ended up at the same chinese buffet after church haha
he stuffed an cream-puff in my mouth @_@
then his dad told me to stop "fingering the food" XD
we met at the dessert area to say hi lol

then he said he saw a swimsuit at Old Navy that would look good on me
so i went up there and got it ^_^ now he's playing soccer
and i am here at home, catching up on blogs...

this caught my eye:
i love all of these kawaii stuffs! & would love to win :)
i also want to win the photo contest...
im a greedy person >.<
just kidding, i am not, but i do like winning :D

rabbito is one of my favorite people ever :D
she's my first malaysian friend i ever had so she is special to me ^_^/ ♥

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