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Tuesday, May 18

lets be [*******] immature,

i am in a bad mood.
today, i am tired of people walking all over me
and being just flat out rude to me

yes, i am passive and submissive
but i'm not letting anyone walk all over me anymore

im tired of always being there for people
then they just treat me bad and insult me
or act immature and get mad when they're called out

fine, be an ***hole, i just wont talk to you anymore
3 years of freindship and this is all i get from it

i wish i would have never payed attention to you when you picked up my pencil
because then i would have never known who you were.

meanwhile, i am playing mahjongg here:
trying to get my mood up.

and i really want this stuff >.<

and i should add this to that car:
teehee ^_^


Mina said...

I'm glad you're going to forget about those assholes.


oh my god who's that immature? Don't let anyone be so rude towards you berry. You don't deserve that ! If only i'm near to you, I should've kick their ass off.

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