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Thursday, May 20

horrible news..

i found out i cant see nick all summer..
i m  c o m p l e t e l y
C   R   U   S   H   E   D
you have no idea.
our one year anniversary is only next motnth
and we cant even talk :'( i just cant stop crying...
i have to cry with no one to comfort me, because he is my shoulder to cry on
i'm going to be so dead at school tomorow
i hope we have a boring day because i know i wont be able to concentrate
his parents are too hard on him..
they make him play soccer and he's blown out his knees, ankles & back
and then they ground him for the WHOLE summer
as if cracking bones in his legs arent bad enough already
and i've heard them put him down before just sitting in the car
and it makes me so sad...
he's helped me through everything
and been there for me and saved me
i wish they could see all that good stuff that i do 
maybe they wouldnt be so hard on him all the time..
i love him more than anything and i hope they change thier mind :(
i miss him so much already


Mina said...



Oh My God! be beautifully confident to find ways berry. I know he also feels the same way. He'll also find ways to see you. And Im sure of it. :) . Don't worry berry, cheer up

About me Aweedee said...

Awww cheer up hun~ It's gonna be alright~ And i totally agree with Candytuft I do to think he feels the same way hun bun~ And you'll both find a way to each other, there are tons of ways!~ :));) Stay positive oke? :)))) Lots of looove from awee and Net huggs ofc :')) Dont cry hun~ <3

Peace and Ice cream~ <3

About me Aweedee said...

Omo i forgot to tell you how much i love your pic! So freakin nice hun~ You're totally skilled <3 Love the editing! You're awesome!~ :D

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