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Thursday, January 27


i'm sad :( my bee fee isnt here today!
kaitlin was absent :(  i had no one to talk to at lunch
so far i have been very miserable today -.-
i just started my period so i'm all sick and stuff D:
i'm supposed to see nick today so i hope i can ^_^
it was supposed to be yesterday 
but his patents decided it was 
"go eat in the next state over" day =.=
how coincidentally inconvient! :D 
LOL JK it was probably on purpose.
hahaha i hate my life (;._.)
today is class color day at school for the spirit day
seniors wear all 3 colors (blue, gold and white)
so i wore my pink floyd shirt with every color in it xD
in the cafeteria xD
i really love that pink lip gloss :D
its by Kiss cosmetics...got it in NY last time i was there
i really want to cut my hair~
i think i'm gonna make an appointment...
i already started drawing it out ^_^
here's a random picture i took last night
reminds me of a vampire :D hehehe
i love that shirt~ my friend gave it to me a couple years ago
i re-invented it a little and made it an off-shoulder
i love it :)
well that is about i got for today...hope everyones havin a great day :)

PS - i'm changing my blog name/url on my birthday also in celebration of chinese new year ^_^
gonna be an 18 now...i guess its time for a little change :)
i want to get away from "Berry," my old teenage name and go by Aeri now...the name nick made for me :)
i will do a post on this soon so you know what i mean

1 comment:

Saving Capulet said...

oh you look great! I really love the vampire photo and your colorful necklace /want!

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