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Monday, January 24

my purple glasses are back xD

(i think i am addicted to photoscape)
(i think i also made my photoshop sad at me for it D:)
i didn't realize you could use clipboard pictures in your pictures on photoscape
but now that i know....i've been stocking up on gifs and transparent pngs xD
i'm having way too much fun with this!
today is actually pajama day at school...
but i forgot :(
previously it was for the week after next week
but i forgot that it changed
because we were off school monday and tuesday
then had snow days thursday and friday
so i am totally out of the loop @_@
but at least all of my homework is done ^_^
and dance class today :D

me and nick had cute convoz all morning ^_^
i am in a very good mood ~
well i will be back later...maybe xD
i have been privately blogging alot lately >_>
still very reluctant to give out the url for ppl to read = _ =
maybe one day...
but i am afraid that if any of you read it,
you would think of me wrong >_>
i think i sound mean in my posts on there haha xD
i had to make a separate account for it
...well i'll blog later<3

1 comment:

super-rabbit said...

Lol, you didn't have to make a separate account for it XD!
Just hide the link would've been sufficient too XDXD
I understand why you made one, but remember whatever you do on your blog, it's YOUR blog. If someone says he doesn't like it, too bad for them. If you don't like, don't read.

I think using a blog can be a tool to socialize with others, but to express ones feelings too. Sometimes I do think 'isn't this too mean?' or 'isn't this going to far?' and I rewrite, but sometimes I just think, fuck it lah and I just post, lol.

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