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Tuesday, January 25

panoramic picture day~ and question about chinese new year?

today was our senior panoramic picture~
all of the seniors even from butler tech come to our school and we all get a picture side by side in the gym
i got to see all my friends that left ^_^ i missed them all
istood with chloe in my picture. before pics, i was yelling at a heater xD
it kept making noise and i was 
eventually i gave up on it and just assumed there was a baby alien in it and let it be xD
i am not wierd!
if i get a copy of the pic then i will post it ^_^
we took a serious one then a funny one
i was sleepy in this pic xD
took it when i just woke up haha
i have been very bothered lately...it's making me crazy.
i might have to change out of the yearbook class :/
there is a girl in there........that reminds me of another girl....
that i really really REEEALLY hate
and even though she is insanely nice to me and so sweet,
i get so mad at her,
becoz she looks like my koigataki
so it feels like im in class with "her" instead
and its putting me in a really hostile mood to be around her
if i stay in the class, i am afraid i will start problems with her,
which would be wrong because she is so nice.
but i cannot control my anger about koigataki...
so i think i will switch my class to avoid it :/ 
i'm sorry i havent replied any comments lately >.<
i have been doing alot and my blog was actually backed up O_o
alot of my posts i posted didnt show until a couple days ago
and now i need to catch up >.<
sorry everyone!!! i hope you still love me =(
also...i may re-start my blog
either make a new one, or re-name this one
i will probably just re-name this one...
but it would be after my birthday, or on chinese new year
on chinese new year most likely.
i will make my new years resolutions (suggested by moon)
and post them that day...
what do you all think?
click please rate this post 5 stars if you think i should!

will blog later :) love ya! ♥

1 comment:

super-rabbit said...

You always edit your pictures so cute! I could never have that kind of patience -.-

Ahh, don't worry, I'm slacking in blogging too! Nowadays, I restrict myself from blogging too much, because it's very time consuming and I have a lot of other things to do. But I'm glad your problem is fixed nao :D!

Eeh? New blog? I like this one, but it might be a good idea to start all over. Or some adjustments on your layout and your blog will feel totally new XD!

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