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Thursday, January 27

MORP, a new doodle, and my name over the years

today is morp ^_^
when you get to dress all crazy ! its prom spelled backwards so you dress down instead of up
most people go out and buy stuff...but i wear my normal clothes that i would wear to go out xD

i love my outfit haha
i took some pics with a bunch of people for the yearbook and friends
sam g., miriah m., me
sam stinebuck, sam griffith, miriah mcdonald and me
erika agin and miriah mcdonald...
alex knight, shawna smith, kelsey lovelace, me and kaitlin taylor :)
a.k.a my lunch table!
erika agin, miriah mcdonald, britney, elisha, kayla meyer, sam griffith, sam stinebuck and me with mr.wagner in the back. yes, he is a teacher lol he's just really young
same as the last group
my whole yearbook class! hard to name everyone. i'm near the middle :P
morp is great haha i love the crazyness ^_^
there was an assembly too...where we vote in a teacher to crossdress lol
my government teacher was the morp diva xD
he came out in a dress, pink wig, tiara and flip fops xD xD xD
xD stole this from miriah
hahaha isnt it great?
here's a new doodle i made the other day
isnt it adorable??? :D i ♥ it~
so this part of the post is about my names
maybe this will help people get why i wanna change it
through out the years of my life i've had many different names... some of them linger, and they all kind of represent different things.. some of them are eras, some are just different sides of me

my real first name. to me, Asberry is the girl who will never be right. walked in to the first day of school every year and the teacher cant prounounce her name. Kids make fun of her because her name sounds like "Raspberry" and call her every berry except her name. the "black girl that acted like a white girl" in the class that lives with her grandma and has no dad like the other kids. the "wierd" girl that loves mice and thinks ugly things are cute. the girl who cant do anything right no matter how hard she tries. that is the girl i feel like i will always be.

my first nickname, given to me by my dad. its an Indian name meaning "Hope."
Asha was the girl who asked for a baby sister for her birthday. Asha was at a 1st grade level at 4 years old, loved gymnastics and drawing. She had 3 friends, Aubrey, Devon and Laura Lee. Laura Lee used to beat me with a stick and chased me up trees, me and Aubrey danced together, and me and Devon played nintendo and soccer in the yard. Asha lived with both parents, was always happy, went to pre-school and had a teacher she called Dr.Pepper. She loved making pillow forts and everything else in her life. Asha was perfect.

(also including Azi-berry) in 1st grade, i got my first best friend in ohio, Joey. Finally, someone just as wierd as i was. for some reason he always called me Ah-berry instead of Asberry and only he ever called me that, but he was the only person i talked to more than everyone else. Ah-Berry was the budding artist with the perfect best friend, loved bugs and climbing trees and church. She was in the childrens choir and got solos and ballet was her life. She was wierd, but felt alright with her life. 

when my little sister learned to talk, this is how she said my name. this was my big sister name, as soon as she stopped calling me this i knew she didn't need me anymore and we havent gotten along since.

my old bus driver gave me this name in second grade. the first time i got on the bus, i remember his name was Gordan, we shook hands and i sat in the front. he always saw the mouse on the front of my binder and said because i was small like a mouse he would call me Squeaky, and alot of people on the bus called me that. i called him Jeff Gordan like the Nascar driver, who was my hero at the time. Squeaky still was best friends with Joey, loved ballet and all things art and favorite animal was a mouse. She liked to climb trees and play in leaves.

in 3rd grade i made friends with a girl named Taylor (she goes by Anna now) and we both loved anime and magical and mythical creatures. together we made up our own club called the magical creatures club  and we had our own names for the creatures we pretended we were. she was yoaki, which was based off of Kiro from Sakura Cardcaptor and i was Ryo-Oh-Ki just like off of the Tenchi Muyo series, which is a rabbit that meows but is actually a spaceship/little person?? xD but we always called eachother these names, but only lasted for a little while then i was back to Asberry.

Abi / Quin  / Azi
in seventh grade i was at a new school and i didn't know anyone. i made friends with a girl named sydney in my class that i sat next to and we always worked on projects together. one day we were doing a project where we had to design our own brand name and store and we shortenned out names and it ended up being Abi & Syd's. it caught on with a few people that i was friends with and i was called that through 8th grade and sometimes still now. i always liked this name because it was normal...it wasn't wierd like Asberry so people remembered it and said it right and i loved it. i still turn my head when people say Abby  and some old friends from back then still call me that if they see me at the mall or something. Azi was the name i got in a theater company doing a partner game and mine gave me a nickname "Azi" then my jazz teacher started calling me Azi-cat because of this move i did in a dance i made that i did a cat stance at the end, sometimes my voice lessons teacher called me that too. i always liked the way it sounded and it looked cute written in cursive, but it didnt catch on much outside of theater. Quin was my name in track. coach snow couldnt say my name right so he called me that lol

started in 8th grade as i faded out of Abi. it actually started when i made my first AOL screen name which was BeRrYrOcKs (berryrocks) and people in the chat room started calling me Berry. My best friend at the time Alix always got on the chat room too and she started calling me that, and then it caught on with the rest of my friends i had. which i started to have alot... when i got to highschool i started going to a new school and my english teacher called me Berry and alot of the time thats how i introduced myself. people called me Taco alot too
Berry was the name that everyone new...berry was popular with everyone, was outgoing and crazy and had a big group of friends to hang out with every weekend. this was the time where the things no one knew about me began to come out... including bad habits and other things "came out"...some expected, some not.  i was violent, a pottymouth, nice to everyone even if they pissed me off but i would always find some way to fight someone even though it was playing. i was really touchy, i hugged and hit everyone. i went to concerts all the time and made it a goal to get in the pit, crowdsurf and eventually the front row and i almost always did. after summer of 09 my life was totally different. i lost one of my best friends to the guy i had been dating for almost 8 months and i couldnt believe she did that, and i stopped talking to almost all of my old friends, well they kind of pushed me away, so no one really called me that anymore. 

a bunch of different people started calling me that because of how i acted, my big eyes and that i meowed and purred all the time. at the end of 10th grade it was catching on and when summer came around, and i met Nicko, he called me that the most and his friends did too, and i liked being with him and we fell in love and started hanging out with him and his friends and it was fun (except 1..i hate him lol) they were all so nice to me all the time and didn't mind that i was there and treated me like a friend. After a little while i starting feeling like i was a bad guy because of nick's ex and he would always tell me how "i stole him from her" and that she hates me and that she hates her life because of me and it got stuck in my head...i remember her IMing him once on the last day of summer saying "you're with kitty arent you" or something like that...it just sucks to feel like that...its the down side of the name, it just piled things on me.. because after a while, he would say my name whenever he was mad or being mean to me and it was mostly because of her. it feels like kitty is "the other girl" that stole him from "her" but really all i want is to be his

its a pretty name, and even prettier because he made it for me. so far...he hasnt really called me it but i love it and i hope he does..it makes me feel special  because he made me the nickname :) so i feel more...his, and that i'm not in anyones way, he's mine and i'm not messing anything up. i actually looked around to see if it had a meaning and found this page and found out its a japanese name and the numerology means that people with this name desiere love, independance and love arts and music :) its just like me! this name is to the prettyer, smarter and soon to be happier me :) aeri...it sounds cute and pretty, fun and nice. i want to be that cute, pretty, fun, nice girl. maybe it will catch on <3


super-rabbit said...

You look so cute in that outfit! It looks very japanese too >w<!

You've had a lot of nicknames, and each one represents a certain time in your youth, that's so coooool!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Berryyyyyyy~~~~~~~ I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaackk!!!! OMG I missed you so much!! How are you recently?? :3

Your school MORP is fantastic!! o(>w<)o We only get to dress formally and nothing much happened lololol! XDXD

Anonymous said...

Awwww!! thanks so much for the picture you edited it is soooo cute!!! And i love this blog it is AMAZING!! well have a great day!!:D

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