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Sunday, January 23

back in black

today i was dressed like i used to...
besides the shimmery neon nails, i feel very comfy :)
my chains...my converse, my hyperness from the horrid amount of coffee i drank this morning in fellowship hall...ahh it was good to be back.
unfortunately, i'm wearing my hair in a braid with my hoop earings tomarow and matching my eyeshadow to my school shirt :D sorry guys <3
oh yeah...and i just painted my toenails to match my fingerz...
sorry tho, no pics ^_^ self contious about my feet...they're big and manly (|||>_>")
i was in a sea food mood so it was good ^_^
i had these two items today:
garden salad w/balsam vinnegrette
peach bbq chicken and shrimp w/ fries & cajun rice
both were very yummy! 
i dont like my expression = _ =
i really want to go shopping like i usually do w/my xmas money,
but i dont wanna spend till i get the xbox :/
ugh there so many clothes i want!
i really want these bobby pins from hot topic
i fance them alot :3 6$ each...
ugh i want them :(
unfortunately for me...no money
used xbox $120 + memory $60 =180$
i am actually short of 10$.....so i cant spend at all now :(
well soon is my bday...maybe more money then..

1 comment:

super-rabbit said...

Lol, I so feel like a creepy stalker for commenting on 3 posts, but I just had to post on this entry XD

the food looks yummy. ok no, that's not it ...


seriously I rove tha picturzz!
Especially the last one, that one's so badass <333333

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