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Monday, February 14

Happy VALENTINES Day! +new fav anime and great weekend ^^

happy valentines day everyone! 
i made myself into a valentine ^_^ you like it? :D
like my new header? i am transitioning to my new blog name :)
and will change the URL eventually also~
and btw me and nicko are good again :)
although he didn't do all that stuff i wanted because of my anger...
we are good now~ better than good actually
i am happy again  
i have a new favorite anime now!
does anyone else know this show??
yes! it's Hidamari Sketch x365  !
its adorable :D and the song (Hatena De Wasshoi)
its stuck in my head!! maybe possible blog song :P hehe
i think this show is so cute
i wish i lived in those apartments like they do
they are such close friends and do everything together
it seems really fun ^_^ and i love the karaoke episode with Yoshinoya Sensei xD the principal stole the mic...he seems to have parkinson's syndrome
this weekend was really really great 
and if i ever say something about "scotty" in my posts,
that is nicko  he said he'll let me call him that
we hung out on friday night and saturday 
on friday night i met up with nick and leonard and we hung out over at olympian club
it was actually kinda late, very very dark
it was very chilly outside and there was still alot of ice
which was funny with them riding bikes xD
scotty made leonard ride over this huge frozen puddle 
and he fell and busted his head xDDD
it was really funny to me
then~ we were still freezing and i had a box of matches in my purse
so we picked up a bunch of paper and crumbled it together
and lit it on fire to keep warm...
even though we were in front of leonard's house xD
we were being hobos xD
we finally went inside after a while
and then i left at 11-something.. didnt wanna leave :(
but i was so glad to be with him for that long 
-------------on saturday------------
we hung out the whole day again ^_^ i had my bike too
and we rode around in olympian club
once again, my scotty makes leonard do a dumb thing xD
the ice on the baseball field melted~ so lots of mud~
he tells leonard to ride into it...so he does...and he gets stuck xD
when he finally got out of the mud, his shoes were opaque with brown
and his bike tires were smothered in a coat of mud,
it stuck out like an inch xDDD hahaha!
~~~~my favorite part~~~~
about at the night time, we were in the house, cuddling on a bed
it was sweet... talking just to eachother, looking eachother in the eyes
telling me he loves me, and i love him too, and he said he was happy
and i was happy too ♥ lots of hugs and kisses
random convos too, like at one point he said
"how come i can feel my pores but i cant feel yours?"
talking about our faces...he's adorable :)
i love hanging out with him, its comfortable
we can talk about anything with eachother and hug and kiss
and he makes me smile so much ♥
i love his sweet side...i dont see it as often as i used to, but i really love it
i missed it alot...and it was a great feeling to be with him
after this horrible past couple of weeks...
he promised things would stay this way :) pinky promise
seems juvenile, but we always do that
i'd cross my heart, but he has it, so we pinky promise instead :)
he is so very lovely
look at these cute couple edits :) me and scotty ♥
in honor of valentines day, here are my latest re-colors~
i have to finish some work now :)
i am doing finishing touches on my valentine card 


Meri and Anni said...

OMG, you are so good to draw!! *o*
I love those drawings <3
Happy Valentine's day for you ^w^/

super-rabbit said...

Happy belated v-day Berry-chan!

I'm happy everything is going well between you and Nicko :D!

Saving Capulet said...

vampire kisses love <3 i love raven <3 and you look super great in that photo :3 and i have yet to watch that anime, it sounds really interesting!

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