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Tuesday, February 22

my hair o_o is cut again xD

i got a hair cut on saturday and i like it alot ^_^
weekend didn't exactly go as planned but its gonna be good friday ^_^ cant wait
i havent been sleeping much >_>
not that i ever do haha but its been even less now
i keep waking up in the middle of the night and its making me very mad 
last night i was bored when i woke up (at f***ing 3am xD)
so i was curious what my hair would look like teased
not bad i guess xD but it takes too long >_>
i probably wont do that very often if not at all haha
i've been very hungry lately, which angers me
because we have only ramen at my house right now xD
who wants to live off of ramen? ...when you have no bread?!
haha i hate wheat bread, the texture is blehh
and it doesnt taste good toasted, not even with butter and jam
and usually applebutter can make anything better, but not wheat bread >_>
it will always be gross Dx
i know its "good for me" but my body is already healthy
noodles are supposed to be good for gaining weight ^_^
i weigh better now so i like that :)
all of my weight went to my face and my butt though -___-
but nick doesnt seem to mind >_>
hahaha i know, too much information!
i will never fully understand what is so good about a big butt
it cushions you when you fall?
i guess that's it haha not so sure;
well that's all for now   

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Anonymous said...

Ja, sennilega svo pad er

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