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Tuesday, February 22

X O . M R . S U P E R D R E A M Y ♥

thats my scotty :) super sexy in a leather jacket~
and that hair o_o wooh! *drools*
i miss him alot >_< i wanted to see him this weekend but we didn't get to :( and monday we were going to because we were off school but it rained us out (super mad! )
just look at him (but not too hard he's mine xD) he's soooo pretty @_@ those dreamy eyes and muscular shoulders and a sweet smile to top it at all off~ ahh ♥
thats my baby ♥ a.k.a. mr. superdreamy!
i actually screenshotted that off of skype when we were on cam the other day~
i love video chatting with him ^_^ he makes cute faces and blows me kisses
sometimes he puts his hair in a ponytail to tease me -_- i get frustrated! xD you would too if you saw him with a ponytail! he has sexy ears =)
sometimes i really don't know why he puts up with me :/ because i am so jealous all the time and makes us both mad. but i can't help feeling that way sometimes...if you have been with someone this long and been through so much, you just cant help it :( of course it makes me sad. i'm in love and i don't want to lose him, it's not like i get jealous on purpose and i dont want to be jealous, i just am :( and i'm sorry..
when we're together i always feel so happy...like the whole world is standing still just for us. when i look into his eyes i see my whole world coming together and imagine our future and all of the great places we could go, when he smiles i just fall apart. i hold him tight and he holds me and everything is okay again ♥ i love when he touches me and kisses my nose :) his hugs are my favorite and what i miss the most is being physically together. it's the best feeling to actually be with him. as i just said, it makes me feel beyond amazing. it always takes me back to the beginning and feels like we just saw eachother yesterday.
i know he probably thinks i make no sense sometimes but i can never get my words together and sound crazy :( i midd him so much and i just feel really lost without him...
i know alot of girls who always say "i hate when girls are so dependant on thier boyfriends, they should get a best friend." and say that they should have a best friend they count on more...but i think thier minds are a little bit out of order if they're not best friend with thier boyfriend. if he's your best friend, then there is nothing wrong at all. scotty is my best friend so of course i'm dependant on him just like any other person would depend on thiers. the funny thing is that all the people that say that are 2 faced and aren't even a good friend in the first place! i love my best friend :) and the best part about mine, is that we're best friends forever. which is exactly what everyone should be looking for in a partner ^_^
someone who will do everything with you, be silly, take pictures, even trade video games, that you can take with you and meet your families and always have something to talk about but still have kisses and hugs and special moments ♥
that's what makes our relationship so amazing and great, that we're friends and always have been :)
being friends makes it easier to talk no matter what the subject. if he was just a boyfriend, it would probably be hard to talk about problems and probably hard to talk about happy things too...but if you're friends its fun and so much easier to talk about everything.
usually when i hear people talk about thier boyfriend, they say things like "he doesnt understand me at all!" and "he's so complicated and doesn't care about anything!" i dont think they realize that they've got the boy and forgot the friend! the friend cares, the friend understands, and everyone is complicated but the friend will try to get you and make you more simple. which is why i love nick so much and love being with him because he knows how important it is to have both of those :) which makes him perfect for me ♥

thanks for everything baby you mean so much to me ♥
you're the best boyfriend and going to be the best husband me or anyone could ever ask for!
i feel really lucky to have you :) and i still kinda laugh at how we met
"you had me at hairy nipples"
and you "fell in love in the middle of a frontside flip"
hahaha you are amazing :)

i'm sorry for getting jealous so much, you just really mean alot to me

p.s. i'm getting impatient about giving you your valentines day card! its pretty :( lol
p.s.s you called me my real name yesterday o_o and you made me up a nickname but never call me it xDD

i love you ♥

x o , a e r i ♥

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