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Thursday, February 24

tired, PMS-ing, stupid jynxes and cute hair ^_^

i didn't bother doing anything to my hair this morning
i got almost no sleep so i'm tired 
all night i have been cramping and its evil! 
and i PMS'd too >_>
now i see the true reason why boys think girls are wierd xD
okay, so last night i made some noodles 
i was super hungry so it felt like a good idea, right?
apparently not xD
for some reason i got mad at my ramen and started yelling at it
then i flung my fork across my room and told it i was done with it's bullshit xD
then i stomped around the house angry about it and got a cup of fruit loops...then decided i didnt want them and put them in the refrigerator (? cereal doesnt go there...)
then i went back to my room to seek out my fork in my blind fury
so i looked everywhere for my fork but i couldnt find it!
i thought about eating the noodles with my hands but then i remembered that i was upset with them so i pouted and sat in the corner of my bed (this sounds so ridiculous lol)
after that i thought of different things i could eat with, but nothing really came up
then i saw something shiny and silver on the floor and was like omg its the fork! :D
i picked it up...and it was the eyelash curler 
so i threw it across the room because i was mad at it for not being a fork...and then i was picking up clothes trying to find it again and got hit in the face with a button on one of my pants so i got mad and threw all the clothes xD and yelled at them because...i can lol
then the only shiney thing on my bed was pink lipstick
i looked at it and got angry once again...and then blamed it for my PMS-ing
because the girlyer i get, the more i PMSso blame the lipstick! 
and of course...i threw it -_- lol -______- ; 
so i got sad, because the fork was being mean and wouldnt let me find it :(
and started wimpering in the corner of my bed because i was mad at the fork for not letting my find it and ultimately not eating the ramen -_-
this must be why boys don't like girls lol we're f@cking wierd! haha

what do you guys do when you pms?
i'm curious to know any funny stories :)


yesterday was in the middle of bad and okay :|
i saw jynxes from the very beginning of the day, not good ones
and much more prominent after school
school was going well, better than usual so i was hoping it was nothing
i had chocolate milk at lunch and chicken nuggets so all was good in my world at the moment
but i just knew something was up.
one of the girls in my class got a new nickname...
and i'm sure you can guess what it is if i hate it so much >_>
she got it because someone mispronounced her name
i was like nooooooo
so i had to hear it the whole day.
then in study hall i fell asleep and when i woke up i had a big blue mark on my cheek from my paper and i tried to whipe it off and i asked for a mirror and the letters left said "her" and freaked me out!!!!!
and in credit recovery i was in a section about the alamo and there's the name...i was like come on give me a break D:
after school i was talking to nick and he said that avenged sevenfold would be in helsinki, finland on november 22
i tried to stay cool about it though, but i was mad in my head
i had to go outside for a minute for that one + -_-) y~~~
i didn't want to fight so i didn't go off and we had a pleasant conversation :)
but of course, bad stuff happened to day -_- 
i found out someone was talking bad about me and i was extremely mad
i kinda already had a feeling, but i was seriously just pissed
if you're going to talk about me...don't do it to my best friend lol
nick will tell me whats going on, he's not one of those skep ass boys that let people talk shit about thier best friend or girlfriend, and i'm both
then i got a friend request from a girl who used to live here and is actually moving back to the part of the city i live in, who moved to florida a month ago...and somehow knows my old online friend Bella @_@
(you guys already know why we're not friends anymore lol)
i was like how in the name of my half puerto rican ass did you meet her?!
and i almost added her like months ago @_@ such a wierd coincidence
and of course, like a knew from all the signs... my koigataki called my nicko 
i'm glad he didn't answer...you guys remember how mad i was last time lol
i flipped shit like i was gonna kill a bitch lol never been so upset in my life
but he promised he wont talk to her...so i hope he keeps it
i trusted him last time...but i'll trust him again, he sounds like he really means it this time and doesnt want to mess up what we have
which makes me happy :) because i love him <3
we were talking about our future last night so that always makes me feel better about everything like no matter what mood i'm in, always gives me hope
so i believe him :)


 yesterday i had some fun with my hair
i think i like teasing it now xD it kinda looks cute ^_^
and i wore a headband, i bought a bunch at the dollar store :)
like the pixel heart? i think i want that tattooed somewhere really descreat, like behind my ear or something

also, soon planning to get a tattoo :)
i'm still drawing it out, but its gonna be cute :)
it's gonna be on my ankle.

also, will be posting some new drawings in a few hours so stay tuned ^_^

thanks for reading!
and tell me your PMS stories! xD

  x  o  ,  a  e  r  i  b  a  b  y   

1 comment:

Joee Joe said...

I LOL-ed at your story XD That cheered me up :) I'm in a bullshit mood...Hmm...And I was wondering, why not just get another fork? XD lol...Haha...I have no PMS story, as I don't get cramps lol..And my mood remained the same lol..

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