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Friday, February 25

STUPID BUS! and...a tattoo? :3

even though my hair is brown in it, i love this picture 
 ugh  (-_-) so incredibly tired right now
i slept oh so very nicely
until i woke up for school 
ahhhh i did not want to go at all! 
but i got my clothes on and started to leave
my tummy was hurting and stuff and i really wanted to stay home, 
but i have a test today and there's no way to make it up -_-
[and the teacher actually wouldnt let me finish my quiz, so i failed anyway! i am so angry! !!!]
today, i nearly missed the bus 
i went outside a little earlier than normal time,
and usually the bus comes at 6:41am...
so i waited...and waited...
and waited......
now it's 6:50 and still no bus  ahh
so i went back home, and asked my mom to take me to school
then, my sister left for her bus...and my mom said she saw a small bus behind it
i didn't think it was mine, because it was so late and i figured i missed it
and my mom marched out into the snow in her robe and hair wrap and stopped the bus to see if it was mine (._. '|l
and it was...we had a substitute driver -_-
when i got on everyone laughed at me D: i was so  with them 
so i was hoping to have a good weekend....
but i dont see that happening :/
doing lights for a magic show tomaro...
and my mom keep changing the day of grandma's birthday dinner -_- 
she changed it to today...but that would ruin my plan...
because today i wanted to get my first tattoo
i designed it :) i want it to be around my right ankle
i was going to very promptly tonight
i am trying to skip the dinner
xD i have been wanting this tattoo for a while, i finally decided to draw it out and scotty convinced me into it lol i'm going to see if the tattoo place near where we live is good, because if i don't go there, scotty wont come with me :(  because the good one we know of is far away..
so hopefully the place near is good
his friends are probably going with me but it would be wierd to go with his friends without him, ya no?
I will not forget the day when the sides were chosen
Me against me against...me
Clothing so drenched with sweat
and the teeth they were clenched
Who can I trust when I...

Grabbed hold my enemy's neck
and choked 'till he ceased
Blistered with disbelief I awake dead
And when I awoke I couldn't believe it was me
All the time it was me

So many times we smile in pride
Putting such faith in what we've accomplished
But minutes ago we were (minutes ago we were)
Slitting our wrists, running for sympathy 

that song makes me think about suicide and how it doesnt make sense, and how bad cutting is. especially the last verse.the chorus in the middle is just crazy, like he felt like a hypocrite and waned to kill his enemy for doing something he hated, but then realized he did the exact same thing and then realized he was the enemy.
sometimes people act like they're too good for other people because of all the good things they've done, but forget the times they were low and wanting to end their life and acting stand-offish and insensitive to them, when really they could help. thats what the last verse says to me.
i really love this song, it hit me at the show and i remembered all the words, and it was the first time i'd heard it.
well, i guess i'll do my work now...bye

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