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Friday, February 18

should be a good day.. :)...

today its supposed to be really nice out ~
me and my scotty are supposed to hang out today ^_^
our late valentines day :) i made him a card
i think he'll really love it!
my friend katie might be coming too...
my stomach is hurting really bad right now -____-
its about to be that "time of the month" >_>
i really hope today goes well...
i need it :)
slightly angry right now
i just feel really bothered =.=
i feel like everything is going to go wrong
but i hope its just a feeling
the day started off pretty good
but then when i got to school i fell up the stairs -.-
a bunch of people laughed...but i just went on
then i got my head pushed into the water fountain again
i thought about biting them for it...advice from my friend Sue xD
when people are mean to you,
bite them...it makes them shocked and then they leave you alone
but instead of biting them i tripped them and walked away lol
i felt bad about it but i dont care >_<
they pushed my head in a water fountain!
and all my makeup came off :( the worst part
i wiped the water off my face with my sleeve and all of my makeup came off on it!
so now the sleeve of my blue sweater,
is the same color as my arm >_> its humorous xD
my friend said she thought i had a hole in my sweater from far away D:
this foundation must be like paint ._.  ahh. . .
generally im in an okay mood
just a bit worried and kinda touchy >_>


P o o p e r said...

Hope you had a nice Valentines day! :'3

What the heck, why the hell would they push your head into the fountain? D: Next time they do it keep tripping them or shove them or whatever it takes for them to get the picture. D:<

Anonymous said...

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