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Friday, February 18

a long lost friend, new haircut, and good friday gone bad.

k o n n i c h i w a  t o m o d a c h i ~ !
this weekend has been a bit wierd 
friday, i was supposed to hang out with scotty
it was supposed to be like our valentines day...
he asked if someone else could come (i.e my friend katie)
cuz he didnt wanna do the same thing all the time...
i guess he forgot about our valentines day and i was like 
why have someone else there??
i felt a little insulted to be honest :/ but i tried to keep being nice
i just wanted it to be a good day...
so i asked her to hang out, but she said she had to work
then when i told him, he said whatever...so he didn't wanna hang anymore . . .
which made me really upset that he wanted my friend there in the first place but that he didnt wanna hang out anymore because of her not coming i was really messed up over it 
i told him if he changed his mind i'd still be here...
he hung up on me so i called back and left a voicemail...
i texted him and i got no reply...
i figured he didn't want to hang out at all..
usually when i get no reply for a while he just doesnt talk for the rest of the day until like 11pm when he finally comes home so i figured it was just gonna be another one of those lonely days...
i was on facebook and saw that one of the bands i've been dying to see for years was at the club a few minutes away from my house, along with 2 other bands, one i'd never heard of and one that i wanted to see again. i was like omg  i really don't want to go to cracker barrel
my mom came home and was ready to leave for the restaurant and i assumed i would have been at nicks by now so i wouldnt have to go but she told me to get ready and i was like ahh D:
my friend chloe volunteers at the underground (the club the bands are playing at) and said it was 15$ at the door if i could get a ride and i was like WOW THATS A GREAT PRICE!! 
i spur of the moment asked my mom if she could take me real fast and i was expecting a no but instead i got a "sure its on the way to the restaurant" and was like OMG YES!
so i hopped in the car thinking everything was gonna be great
~  w  r  o  n  g  ~
i got a text from nicko right as i got in the car, 
i said "text me if you need me i'm going to the underground"
he text back saying 
i guess u can just do that
i was a bit confused...i wasnt even expecting a reply
he never pays attention to his phone when he's with friends
i told him i wasnt doing anything wrong, my friend chloe is there, i went by myself and only there to see the bands and nothing else
but he said he was mad and i had a guilt trip...
i wanted to go home but my mom said she wouldnt take me back home (obviously they were at the restaurant already) and i had already spent 15$ on a ticket with my own money :/
i asked nick to tell me why he was mad but he wouldnt tell me so i was having a guilt trip and didnt know what i did D:
i still tried to enjoy the show anyway
the bands were all really great, the opening band was a band called "Write This Down"
i wasnt sure what to make of them because i had no clue who they were @_@ but they were great!
as soon as they came out they played thier song called "Alarm the Alarm" and the first thing i heard (and felt) was the double bass and i was like :D
automatically jumping and screaming xD
first was Write this down, then Project 86 (the main reason i came) then disciple
project 86...was just beyond words
and i couldnt believe how young they were! 23?! i thought they were 30
but dont tell them i said that >_>"
disciple was amazing as usual, always looking foreward to the sermons at the end
one lady actually collapsed and scared us all but she was okay
just low blood sugar
this is my doll, i had since i was 1/12 yr old
back then, i named him barney because i thought thats what he looked like
my mom found him and reunited us

....dont know what else to type bye

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