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Wednesday, February 16

new hairclips & new haircut :)

here's my hair :) cut it myself
i didn't do as much as i wanted...
but i was getting frustrated so i stopped myself so i didn't chop off all of it xD
i gave myself some bangs and cut off some dead ends so my hair looks much better
i also was bored yesterday~~
so i found some flower bead decals and glue and made some cute hairpins :)
these are only the pink ones~
i made blue, green, red, pink/red, blue/pink, yellow/green ones too :)
i have eyeshadows to match xD i am such a girl now >_> ew..

well here's a couple of pictures from v-day

not in a very wordy mood...
tired and sick feeling :/ sorry guys
well ttyl..

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