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Friday, April 15


wind blowing against the trees. the sound of fragile branches cracking. the trees vigorously swaying as if they were desperate to stay attatched to the ground. as if they were going to fly away with the birds struggling to get back to one of those very trees.

i sat on the ground, under the big tree in the back yard. the shadow of the neighbor's dog phantomed between the crevices of the wooden gate, like a ghost; a sad one. howling, wishing to be saved from the incoming storm. i asked him, "why do they leave you outside when it's like this?" he whined to me, and i asked if he was afraid; no answer. he shuffled away and lay his head down on the concrete of the back porch, right beneath the porch light.

i sighed. i wish they would let him in, it's not safe out here.

wild onions almost sideways in the ground. grass curling around the roots penetrating the night air from the dry soil. dry, although it had rained the whole day. the ground is apathetic, unlike the sky. she cries tonight.

only two lights appear, the neighbor's porch and a creature's reflective green eyes at the corner of the yard. supposing it's a cat, i go near it and it turns away. maybe it's afraid, or maybe it's unaware that i'm safe. the leftover leaves from autumn cracked beneath my bare feet. damp with rainwater rested in the grass. no moon and no stars tonight, only wind and sky tears, yet the lunar lunar vibe still surounded me, as if it could feel me there, just to remind me that it still exists.

i sighed. i wish i could see the stars, to remind me of those pleasant memories.

i lay down in the grass next to the gate, the dog comes over to lay on the other side. the odd closeness i have with this creature although we have never met face to face. the way he reacts when i speak to him, almost like i could call him a friend. i got a brave bone and sat upward to look through the crack, and he sat up too. i stuck my finger through the hole, with the fear that i would be bit, but i did. i touched his chin and he didn't make a sound, a moment later he pulled back and circled his nose beneath my finger and bumped it as if he wanted me to pet it. i stroked the bridge of his nose with my finger and he licked me, then i pulled back. the dog layed back down and whined, i layed back down too. we layed there for about 20 minutes, just waiting for ourselves to get tired, so i could go back into the house. when he heard me get up i saw his head perk up in a shadow. "goodbye, until nextime." he whined at me, then i started to walk away more. before i went into the door, i saw him lay back onto the concrete of the porch.

i sighed. i wish they would let him in, it's not safe out here.

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