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Friday, December 18

i'm blond?! :O

i've been made fun of all day!!
because of this hair!

took pics before and after i straightened my hair...im sooo not used to it
it was nicks idea lol my mom dyed it last night
most people didnt like it...but my actual friends did lol
and thats really all that matters anyway so im fine with my hair now :)
kinda lol

the last one...is pretty to me :)


today (besides all the people making fun of me) was a pretty good day ^_^
here's a brief summary:
-woke up and talked to nick
-went to school...i told my friend i dyed my hair and she brought in a big @$$ group of people to see it -_-* ugh
-in my first class i talked to Rabbito for a while through SMS on twitter. someone brought in donuts for the whole class so i got one ^o^ then my teacher really wants me to have an A and had me make up a couple papers, cuz i was really close to having an A. I have an A now :)
-in my second class we watched a movie and the teacher made pancakes (today i was fat XD) i think i may have eaten more than everyone did lol then we went to the Auditorium to watch the band and choir preform. my friend sitting next to me was being retarded and screaming like a girl XD
-in my third class, we had pizza for lunch and i messed around on the computer the whole time, mostly on the fail blog XD and my teacher looked at my blog and liked my poems and said she'll check out more
and gave me a box of starburst XD
-in my fourth class my teacher bribed me with reese's to grade a bunch of tests, it took me almost the whole block XD but i like reeses so its ok haha we had a rapid-release fire drill and left school about 5 minutes early.
-on the bus home, we all sang to Journey loud and obnoxiously and it was funny XD too bad a bunch of people stole my starburst T-T they took all the watermelon ones! and those are my favorites!! ;-;

but the day wasnt too bad ^_^
i'm okay ^_^

1 comment:

Mina said...

I like your hair blonde! It's pretty! Your day sounded uber fun! All the food! XD

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