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Sunday, December 13

"that game was just one big foul"

today was awesome...nick invited me to his basketball game today  ! i was so excited!
you see, i've never had a boyfriend that let me watch them play a sport...i was surprised he even wanted me there! but he did! AAAHH! definately made me excited lol
my mom and sister went with me and aggravated me but i got over it and surprisingly paid attention to the game! well i did until nick was off the court...then i started eating lol there was nothing to look at anymore  so i just looked away...and there was someone in front of me who made me feel very uncomfortable, another reason i didnt look. but sooner than ever my boo is back on the floor running and jumping all over the place with his hair bouncing everywhere and sweating and stuff...i liked it
afterwards he gave me a hug and kissed me goodbye with a big hug which i love &hears;♥♥ i felt so special to be there!! im like so happy im not gonna get over it haha! eee!!
even though he said the game was just a big foul and you can guess what else lol i had an awesome time and i cant wait to come again ^_^ i love him so much <3

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Mina said...

I bet you looved watching him sweat like that! Lol, naughty mind of mine. Omg!!!!! IT DID MAKE ME CRACK UP!! (still) XD

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