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Monday, December 14

my heart makes holes in the lunch table.

You are a regular dream factory today.
Even while you are awake,
 visions and fantasies
pull you out of the present moment and into the future.
Luckily, your imaginative excursions
can have a profound impact
on what you want and what's just around the next corner.
Don't confuse your hyperactive inner realms
with the current circumstances.
paint the next phase of your life with the colors of your mind.

i like the sound of that!
and its true i've been daydreaming all day,
despite my nightmares last night...
i hate nightmares but they're a normal thing for me
they werent for a while
but they are again...
which isnt good at all...

im sure my nightmares are being caused by a certain incident
which caused a certain worry of mine...
and i cant stop worrying about it...
it really bothers me...

but enough about that,

so my friend Max said something really nice to me today
he's in my advisory and in my lunch
and you all know how i was out of school from being sick and stuff
he says "Good Morning, Asberry" like he does every morning
so i of course greeted him too. he's like "You're not leaving today are you?"
i said i dont know but probably not
he said "Well if you leave, can you wait until after lunch?"
i laughed and asked why
"there's a HUGE whole in our lunch table when you're not here!!"
i asked how because im so tiny
he said "but your heart isn't!"

i thought that was so nice of him
most people dont say things like that on a regular basis
haha, i didn't leave today :)
didn't plan on it anyway, im not sick lol

♥just thought i'd share a happy moment♥

1 comment:

Mina said...

Aww! That was so sweet!

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