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Saturday, December 19

new hair cut...

the lady did a horrible job >.<
~its waaay too short!
~my eyes are showing! (whole point is for them to not show)
~didn't feather!
~angle on my bangs = almost not there!!
and my hair is colored bad so it looks even worse T-T
never want to leave my house again T-T
[ugly ugly ugly]

i am very disappointed...
i was hoping that cutting the mess would make it look better...I WAS WRONG!
i mostly did this for nick...
he wanted to see my hair a different color so i dyed it
he wanted to see me with different hair...i cut it
he likes it tho so thats good ^_^
but i hate it so much T-T

1 comment:

Mina said...

It doesn't look bad at all! The bangs are crooked, but it's like a new style! ^_^

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