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Wednesday, January 13

the big wednesday!

i started typing on my new story after the wifi connection was lost
but i got distracted and started messing with my webcam
(click to enlarge if you must)

obviously i got bored on photoshop too...i mean i was in the car for an hour

i actually smiled in my id picture 0_o

after i got my ID, then we were going to the BX
which is the Base Exchange
top go shop
i saw a restaurant called Flying Tiger
turn out its a Chinese place ^_^
we turned around and went there
this is what i had

wonton soup ^-^

and General Tso's chicken, a chicken wing, fried rice and egg roll

tehya got fried dumplins and eggroll

look how tiny my egg roll is!
isnt it kawaii?!!
yes!! sukoshi egg roll! :D
hehe using japanese to describe chinese food XD

then we went to the bx
and i tried on these clothes

i got them ^_^
tell me what you think :D

afterwards we got ice cream and then went home
not too bad of a day, i guess :)


Pygmy said...

I really like that red shirt..

sounds like a good day. I wish I could get out of school to go shopping and eating -_- lol

I made Wonton soup for a Japanese project I did in 5th grade. :)

(btw how did you change what's posted above here when I go to leave a comment? the let me get inside your mind thing..)

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

wonton~~~ (we call it wan-tan here) eggrolls~~~~ aaaaa~~~~ o(*O*)o

i hope i can eat it now o(T-T)o

cuz i am super hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o(> <)o

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