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Monday, January 11

i've been reading...

i've spent most of class today reading blogs
and then read an article about HIM's new album on Metal Hammer 
im still excited for it to come out ^_^
and so are other people!
i was upset that there were so many people talking sh*t on there though,
the article is directed towards the fans, why are they even there?
if they think that the band sucks then they can go vent it somewhere else!
i hate when people diss them...

there are alot of "radio-friendly" described songs on there
but just because some songs are radio-friendly doesnt mean that it wont be good
HIM has a style of its own and Ville's voice and style are unique
no one sounds exactly like them so they will still be HIM
and some people are not getting that into thier heads...
if they are truly fans then they should have faith in the band
accept them as they are, you know? be open-minded to thier new music

it upsets me to see people who "love" them stop liking them just because they're on a radio
what? do you think you're cool just because your music is "underground?"
so you think you can just diss "mainstream?"
too bad HIM is well known all over the world
thats not underground at all,

people should be happy that others know about the band
why wouldnt you want to spread the love?
amazing music should be known to everyone

whether its well-known or not
it should still be appreciated

1 comment:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

i dun think i will find it anymore~~ o(T-T)o

i love dat mobile super big~~~

haiz~~ never mind la o(^-^)o

my iphone will be mine soon ne o(*O*)b

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