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Sunday, January 10


i went to church,
began typing a new story,
went to eat and the food wasnt as bad as i expected
then came home

today i was crushed but only for a little
nicko cheered me up ^_^ ♥ ♥
we've been talking all day which makes me very happy

i new it wouldnt be an entirely good day because this morning a crow landed in front of me, squawked and pecked my boot then flew away....crows are bad luck!!!!

for seeing a crow today, this day has been good.

i love him so much
and i want to see him too
i really miss him :(

in other news:
congratulations to Rabbito and Rineko
they are living together now,
living with your best friend has got to be fun
they're gonna be so happy now :D
i'm happy for them ^o^

i found a bow in my room and it was cute
i hadnt seen it in a while so i put it in my hair

everything kawaii reminds me of rabbi-chan ^_^

A N N O U N C E M E N T 
visit my friend Kasey's blog!
either click on her name or go here:
she's new to blogger and needs some readers :)

am i really the prettiest girl? i doubt it...
i want to be so pretty that you dont see any other girl but me...
i know that its selfish but there are so many prettier girls out there that it is hard to believe you sometimes...

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