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Tuesday, March 23

good day today :)

it was quite nice out :)

today at school, i had an interview with 2 teachers for next year's freshman mentor program. i signed up for it.
as soon as i sat down, without saying anything, they already said they were very much interested in me and already think im a good candidate just from reading my activities and essay i submitted :D
THAT made me really confident!
the interview went very well.
they asked 8 questions and they liked all of my answers.
the teachers said they really want to know me better and asked to meet again another time during the day :D they really like me!! im pretty sure im gonna get the position :)
Mr.Long said i have a "hidden intelect" and that if i spoke up more that he thinks people would really value my input and opinions. 
Mr.Carmichael said he thinks im beautiful, talented and intelegent and they could use someone like me on thier team!
but they both said i should have been a little less nervous lol
i now have 2 more people to wave to in the hallway :)

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