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Monday, March 22


yesterday, some issues were resolved which i am very glad for.
now i can go back to being happy again :)
another reason to smile is that my dad may be coming up here on April 3rd and i really hope that he can!!
i only get to see him once a year, and if i saw him then, it would be twice this year :)
my dad also has a new girlfriend(which i mentioned in a previous post)
today i got to talk to her on the phone :D
her name is Margarita and she is really nice
she talks very loudly though haha i hope to meet her soon :)
also i am getting my hair cut and dyed on that day as well
hopefully it will be done before my dad gets here if he comes
speaking of the play, it is going well
i am holding a grudge against it (lol) but it is the best we've done for a while now
we've got a dynamic new set, different than all of the other years
and we have a Satan in our play for the first time
we've got new props, effects and tricks thanks to Phil Dalton 
and yes, The Illusionist, Phil Dalton :) 
he has put alot of work into making this play the best it can be
i run the spot light for the play so i am not seen
but a few years ago i played the angel in the play
i was really good at it :) but i wanted to give someone else a chance
i waited 8 years for the part and had it for 2
i didnt want anyone else to have to wait that long so i gave it away
so far today has been good :)
i cant wait to talk to Nick after school
he promises i will see him soon which excites me :)
love makes me very happy
and he is love :)

things are good again <3

1 comment:

Rae Willows said...

You look so young in this pic :D

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