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Wednesday, March 24

"what makes me qualified"

here's what i submitted for the FMP application that got me chosen :) i'll highlight the statement that caught thier attention

What makes me qualified
When I first came to this school in 9th grade, I had no drive to be in or pass school whatsoever and I didn’t care. I failed the year my freshman year and sophomore year. I really wasn’t doing well at the beginning of this year either, but my failures are not what make me qualified. What makes me qualified is the fact that I have made a complete turn-around. I went from having failing grades to now having all A’s.

It took me a while to get on track but I don’t want the new freshman to do what I did and not care. I want to show them from the beginning of their high school careers that there really is a reason to try and to finish high school. It has taken me two and a half years to realize this and I don’t want them to waste their time or their teacher’s time like I have. The earlier they know, the harder they might try and they better they might do.

I also think the fact that I am a little different can also help this. I’m sure a lot of the typically smarter or maybe popular students will be applying for this program and have a lot of a better chance of being chosen than I do. I was one of those students who thought of themselves as a failure, didn’t get good grades and thought I was stupid and gave up or didn’t try because I thought that. I know for a fact there will be kids like that and they are the main reason I want to help out. I want to show them that they are smart, they do have potential, and they can do it, because if I can then anyone can.

I want to help the new freshman set goals, start really thinking about their future and learn to deal with life in high school. When I came to this school not only was I new to the school but I was also new to the district and didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have anyone to show me what to do when I got here so reality really kicked me in the face. I would love to make this place more comfortable for the freshman and I think this is an awesome idea.

I’m not a natural born leader but I am learning to put my ideas out there and help out. I am very patient which is usually needed with younger students and new students so I think that is a really good quality about me. I can make them feel comfortable if they need someone to talk to and I am really creative so I think I could really be useful if you do choose me.

i wont post the three activities though because i dont want them to be stolen >.<
but if you want i can e-mail you and tell you or something if u want to know ^_^


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

oh sorry i forgot you are an american~~ (> <)

you wouldn't know malaysia's abbreviation XDXD

HP means handphone XDXD

i guess there you call hp "cp"?? (o.o;; )

sweetmango said...

I am so proud of you! You have taken control of your life!! I love it :) You have so much to give and teach, I cant wait to see who you become xxx

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