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Tuesday, March 23

Something For You All To Remember
never underestimate the power of love, it can take you many places. it can be a motivation and it can be more powerful than anything you ever feel. 

love is a privilege you should never take for granted. 
love is a gift you should always accept and never push away. 
love is a lesson to teach you to be happy. 
love is a blessing to all even if they don't deserve it.
love is a beautiful trinket for all to cherish.
love is a sun and moon to keep you from the darkness.
love is a scapegoat from all problems.
love is a perfect season that is all-year-round.
love is a blanket to warm your soul and heart.

if only you all realized what love can really do,
and saw for yourselves

love can encourage even the most unmotivated person.
love can find even the most lost person.
love can make even the quietest girl want to speak out.
love can make the one who gave up want to take another chance.
love can build up the broken.
love can solve problems.

i want people to learn about love for themselves.
not just any love, but true love.

i want everyone to have that.

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