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Friday, April 23

Poem - Amanda Werner

the last thing this world needs is another frown or tear
and i dont want to know of another one shed by you, my dear
because you deserve all your happiness and shouldnt have to live in fear
and to prevent the hole going deeper, that is why i'm here

i'll give you my trust if you give me yours as well
and i'll never break it, if i do, send me to hell
because it was immediate that to you i outbroke my shell
and from the beginning to the end, i will continue to wish you well

because you have a special place in my heart
and it hurts to know you've been torn apart
so i'll start helping pick up the pieces here from the very start
because my dear Amanda, this love is my art

written for my dear friend amanda :)
i havent known her for very long, but she's already special to me
click to see her blog :)

1 comment:

.AmandaBayBay. said...

your the sweetest thing,
i love you <3

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