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Friday, April 23

a few changes...

since last night, i now have
~ new banner
~ new song
~ new about me page
~ new affiliates page
~ new banners page
if you would like to be affies, comment, or tag and your link will be on the "friends" page
the banners page has ALL of my previous blog banners all the way from the beginning :)

i hope you enjoy these new changes <3
[please comment & follow]


.AmandaBayBay. said...

aweee im on your friends page <3
lots of love xDD

.AmandaBayBay. said...

i wanted to tell you a little secret,
its a little secret of mine,
that is quite obvious,
or i think it is,
and its that i think your absoultly amazing <3
im so happy were started talking,
we are going to become such good friends,
i can see us when were older one day meeting,
and spending like a week together,
just parting and having a good time,
i care more for yjou then i do for the of the peole i call friend where i live,
truth fact berry,
i love you [:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Aloha pretty Berry o(^-^)o

I've linked you in my affies section!! XDXD
Thanks for linking me as well XDXD

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