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Tuesday, April 20

stupidest almost-fight ever.

i walked into second block and sat down.
Travis and Steven came in and sat down.
then Nikk came in and sat down.
a minute later, Tony came in.

~time for the stupid part~

Tony comes in and starts trying to pull Nikks desk away because he wanted to sit there,
no words exchanged.
Nikk gets out of his chair, a little mad obviously
(i would be to)
he said "If you're gonna be a little b**** about it then go ahead and take it"
and he threw his book onto another desk and got up
but instead of just sitting down, Tony pushed him at the wall and threw Nikk's book into the hallway
so Nikk pushed him back then started trying to step over the chair to go get his book
and Tony keeps going and pushes a desk into Nikk again

then Miss Kirkham told them to get out.

it was so stupid!
he could have just sat in one of the other 20 empty desks around the room
it was so immature, it made me mad
what the hell happened? Tony used to be cool
we used to be really good friends too, and then he changed
i cant believe i ever went out with him or was even friends with him now
he was more mature when i first met him,
that was just dumb.

and even worse, Nikk was in danger of force-failing because of attendance
and Tony just got him suspended for 3 days so now he's really gonna fail...
and he's a senior, so that means he wont graduate and he's already stayed an extra year

i really dont think thats fair at all
that was so thoughtless of Tony to do

hopefully they cut Nikk some slack cuz that's just not fair
it wasnt even his fault and he wasnt trying to fight at all

hopefully they still let him pass

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