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Monday, April 19

upset about today :( excited about tomoro :)

this morning i woke up really tired.
pretty much didnt do anything to groom myself and then left for school
i had gotten in a bad mood from the night before
i was online and put my status as "i love you, and i miss you,"
then my ex has the nerve to put "nope" so i was pretty pissed
1.never was i talking about him
2.he's a dick to me now
i had just got off the phone with my pretty boy Nicko so i set that as my status :)
but no he had to go ruin it. and make me mad.

but that's taken care of, so on with life.

the school day went quite well so i was in a good mood when i got out
but when i came home, my sister wasnt home which was wierd,
when she got here she said she forgot her key...which is bad
since i dont have a key & she's the one who lets me in
she said she was going to grandma's to go get the key so i took out my laptop to pass the time

little did i know, grandma came home
then picked up tehya and went to burger king
i was sooo sad! i cant believe they left
i called tehya because she hadnt come back after 20 minutes and found out she forgot all about me!!
she came home and didnt even bring me anything
so she gave me the fries from her kids meal.

and after all that,
she didnt even have the spare key.

so my laptop died around 4 and i was there until 9:15 bored crapless.

~~~~~now for the good news~~~~~

tomoro i am doing a photoshoot for the band Axis Chemicals :)
it's my friend Rose's band, and i get to watch thier practice too
she plays bass and does lead vocals
i'm going right after school to her house so she can get ready & then we're going to the practice

i'm excited :)

this is the second band i'll be the photographer for,
the first is Deus Mortom (use the search on the sidebar for the post of thier photos or go to the November archives)

i've also made some new friends on here :)
check out thier blogs:
Candy Tuft 
they're very sweet girls :)
i love them already!



ohh. that's awful. anyway berry your friend knows how to play bass? whoa. I also want to learn it. HEHEHE.

oh my. i just notice my link there. that's so sweet berry. i love you too. ohh XD XD XD

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

asberry~~! i hope you will cheer up soon ne!! don't think about that boy & focus on your beloved nicko XDXD

PS. big thank you for editing my picture XDXD

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kekeke~~! so then how are you today?? XDXD do you still sad~~ (o.o;;)

and what are you doing now? XDXD

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

oh i see o(^O^)o
thats good then ;)

here's 7.30 pm already XDXD
anyway good luck for your studies! o(^O^)o

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