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Sunday, April 18

this chick bad, this chick hood; this chick do stuff that ya chick wish she could :P

i told Nicko on Friday that i would be "ghetto" for a week lol
there's my hood picture :D

i am half black but people always call me white because of the way i talk and act
but i dont know how to talk or act anyother way, thats just who i am and how i was raised
but oh well, haha

and i found out i like Nicki Minaj...
i took a screenshot of her and edited it because i think she is just adorable ~

i was reading about her the other day and i thought it was cool that she is trying to get the music world used to having a female rapper and focuses more on rapping than trying to look cute, which is why she makes wierd faces all the time and stuff. i admire that :)

and im starting to really like my hair style :)
but im still gonna straighten it soon


.AmandaBayBay. said...

your very beautiful,
and i always love you picutures,
but the top one,
how do you get to pictures together like that?
if you could email me and plese explain id be greatly apprecive,

Mina said...

Oh my goodness! Berry, you like, look... so.... GANSTA! Haha, very cute!


wow. ur amazing. you look very cool berry. i wish i could pose like that. hahaha. LOL >.<

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