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Monday, May 31

memorial day!

another amazing day with Nicko :) 
this time we hung out with his family and it was so fun!
he has a swimming pool and its finally ready for swimming! :D
its amazing how tall i look here!!
i was so scared to sit in that thing, you have no idea XD
and i was scared he was going to push me in lol
we jumped in together instead :) 
he took these of me
he said he liked this one :)
then i took some of him :)
that water was cold...we couldnt just go in by the ladder...we'd run away haha
or at least i did XD
we'rea ll toweled up! :D haha
we dried off then ate and went down to make s'mores :)
he has a fire pit too, he's the one who set up the one at my house :)
he took these as well,
them on the left are his mom and dad and the dog is Lexie :D
i'm scared of dogs, but she's a big sweetheart :)
me and lexie :D
now this dog down here is Gunther, his adorable ancient pug XD
and he only has one eye...but its the cutest dog ever!!
Gunther is smiling!! :D
me and nick by the fire :) i have a stick covered in marshmallow XD
Gunther is a cam-whore :P but very photogenic :D i applaud you! haha :)
nick took that picture of the fire pit, i didnt edit it either
it looks so good! dont you think so?
the smoke kept floating towards me wherever i go >.<
when i got home i smelled like a campfire XD
he're is lexie again :)
unlike Gunther, she is camera shy XD
it was so hard for nick to get a picture of her staying still!
nick's revenge for the s'more picture :P
now we both have one :D
my first time ever drinking pink lemonade :D
i couldnt decide whether i liked it or not, but for some reason i couldnt stop drinking it!
i got kinda hyper...XD
now for one of my favorite parts of today :)
like i've said before, i felt like i known nick my whole life
we feel like we rode bikes together as kids...
well now we've really rode bikes together :)
i felt like a kid again :) 
it's like we made up for those memories that it feels like we had together <3

↑ nick is riding with no hands :D↓
that up there is unedited

aw look at him smiling :)

it took us forever to take these 2 ↑ ↓ we were trying to get one where it shows him mid-wheely lol
success!! :D
he looks alot like anthony keidis here 0_0
funny how he looks like all of my favorite people all at the same time >.<
but i adore that picture :)
nick and lexie!! look ather eyes :) they're pretty like nicks
so cute!!
i love that picture :)
we were just chillin by the pool :)
these are the last 2 we took before i had to leave.
it was such a good day, i'm glad i could go :)
i love spending time with eachother's families, it makes me feel loved and welcome
it makes me feel special, its just so nice :)
his mom said they might do it again sometime :D
that makes me happy :) <3
i love you nicko!!!

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Sorry for commenting so late berry. I always offline nowadays but I'll try not to do it anymore so I will be always updated about what you guys are up to every single day.

I find you very adorably sexy berry~ You and nick are so good together

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