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Wednesday, June 2

marble eyes and farting....what a great morning!

my eyes look like marbles 
probably because i'm horribly tired
i woke up 3 times and the last time was at 3:15 am, and i couldnt fall back asleep
i turned on my phone and the first message i got was nick saying "i love you"
so i was happy about that :)
but, unfortunately, i cant stop farting....
i know, thats wierd...but its true >.<
i almost fell back asleep around 6:15 and then around 6:25,
 i was dozed off then i farted and woke myself up :(
i was sad...i wanted to sleep :(
when i was walking to the bus stop up the street i farted like every 3 steps :(
i tried to hold them in on the bus but i let out a couple silent bombs >_>'
hopefully i can stop soon >.<

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