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Friday, June 4

pretty eyeshadow today :)

i woke up at 5:20-something this morning
bad dream >.< ugh i hate when those wake me up
i got bored and started going through my old makeup and found this iridescent eyeshadow that i hadnt used in a long time...
so i did a layer of dark brown with the irridescent over it and black on the crease :)
i love this eyeshadow! it looks tan but in the light it shines green! :D
i think its pretty :)
i'm almost done memorizing my monologue...
im just scared to do it now >.<
i have to perform on monday and i dont think i'll be ready!! >.<
wish me luck!!



yays. really pretty eyeshadow . i wanna try it. HEHE.

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

aw such gorgeous color for the eyeshadow. Thank you for dropping by my blog Berry. Lmk if you are interested in anything for sale on my blog and I could give you a great discount *wink* ^^. Hehe, I hope we can be great friends in the future. You want to be each other followers?^^

~XOXO Charlotte

Aidyl said...

Wow~ so pretty!
It makes me want to go and shop for make up~~ >o</

Ive had a bad dream just yesterday too. It is so annoying. u__u

I wish you luck for your performance!
Im sure you will do great!

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