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Sunday, May 30

perfect day

today me and nick took tons of pictures! it was my church picnic and he came with me to church :)
after we ate at the picnic, we went out to the paintball field and took a bunch of pictures!
my cutie has sun in his eyes awww!!!

im so little >.<

absolutely love this  <3 its so cute!!
dont we look cute together? (i think ao ♥)

i really like this one alot too :)
jail cell :D
there's me :D
this reminds me of a sad movie :( but i love it :D
he said "i look like jesus" XD
then after we got out of church we went to my house and had a mini party with my family :D

artificial kiss in the rain :D he was holding the hose behind him if you can see the water squirting
 close up ♥
i love his pretty eyes >.< i want them

omg omg omg omg he looks sooo cute in this one!!

he's so cute in this one too!!!

he's behind me...this picture was a mess up >.< but i think i kinda look cute in it so i kept it :)
not sure what the sun did to my eyes but i like it!!
he's so adorable!!!! ahhh i cant explain it!!!
today was a perfect day :) we had so much fun
he fits so well with my family its just amazing :)
i get to spend tomoro with him too <333 yay!

1 comment:

Mina said...

You look so happy Berry! I love the pictures in the woods. amazing. =]

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