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Wednesday, June 9

everything i wanted to look like...
everything i wanted to do...
everything i have been told...
everything that you know...
everything i feel...
everypain i feel ...
everypain you feel.
                  we feel.
i dont know you...
i dont know why...
i dont know how i did it...
                    but i did it...
i am sorry, sincerely, but it will never matter
i've only seen you in dreams
even before i knew you existed
         and i wish i hadnt
dear lord, i wish i hadnt
because you ruined me
  completely ruined me
  completely tore me apart
                     tore me from the inside out
now where am i now?
   can you guess now?
      do you know now?
i'm excactly where you want me
       in pain
       in tears
       in love
and in fears
     i care about who you are
but i dont know who you are
and it makes no sense..
i dont hate you, i only hate what happened
and in my head i forgave you,
                   and i forgave you too...
but i still cant bear to know you exist
just the same way you cant bear me
he said he's free...
                          and one day i hope to be

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