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Tuesday, November 23

my first vlog :D

subscribe to me on youtube ^_^


★☆KenKen☆★ said...

ah!! that's so kind of you >_<
I have both of the software but YET i dunno what can i do lol.. so it kinda rare (or never) will i edit hehe...

OMG... your Vlog!! >)
will subscribe it soon <3

Aidyl said...

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I absolutely love this vlog!!!
Your voice sounds amazingly awesome and you're cuuuute! ^^<3
I like you singing. =]

"Asberry!Asberry! ASBERRY! OMG!"
<- That made me laugh so hard. Super funny!!
And lighting the candle with a lolipop is so random. Hahaha~ I never even thought about something like that! xDD

The story how you and Nick started dating is sweeeet~<3
Seems you really fit together since day one. =)

Awwies~ thanks for mentioning me!! =D
Actually I dont even know how to really pronounce my name up here...
(mostly the same as you did..but sometimes it might vary xD)
it's actually (the lamest-most-boring-usual-name:) Lydia, spelt backwards. xD But don't tell anyone! >o</

Love you Berry~<3

Oh, btw the Hello Kitty graffiti in the backround looks kool! Did you spraypaint it by yourself?

P o o p e r said...

Your voice sounds so ADORABLE! And you are natural at this! and entertaining, I listened to the whole thing and I usually have a short attention span but girrrrrl, you made me smile a lot of the times! You're voice sounds so pretty while singing! Make more videossss. :'D

"I haven't been 12 in six years." Lmaoooo. I'm 5'0! woo short people!

The other two favs of mine, one of them is Nodame Cantabile which is strictly just classical music but the anime/manga/drama is VERY FUNNY. Like I've laughed so much with Nodame Cantabile and it made me fall in love with classical music all over again. xD

the other manga/anime series that's one of my favs is Kodocha, just because it was one of my first series I ever owned and it's not music themed but its still really hilarious.

Which are your favs missy? :3

Anonymous said...

you are so cute!!
I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for the love and prayers you sent out to Stellan. It meant the world to me Berry <3xxx<3

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