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Friday, December 17

i am having a great day :D

the orchestra concert went very well! i actually liked it 
they did Carol Of The Bells and then the Show Choir preformed and did great 
props to all of you guys 


today in FMP, my day was made :)
one of the students i mentor, her name is Kristen, gave me a Christmas card!
right when i came into class she handed to me
my reaction:  ...for me?
she nodded  it made me really happy
i got a rice crispie too :) one of my favorites 
it really made my day better that someone actually thought of me..
sometimes i cant really tell the impact i make on people until they show me,
and then i feel really special :)

Kristen, if you read this, thank you so much!!!

now if i actually get up the courage to go to nick's then my day will be perfect ^_^
gonna go try to doodle now, ttyl ♥


Saving Capulet said...

oh, it's great to hear that you had such an amazing time, i love your smiling photos best!

btd. said...

I adore your new header!

P o o p e r said...

That was so sweet of Kristen! I can't tell neither until people either flat out say it or they show me. xD

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