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Friday, December 10

good mooood ^_^ nicko i love you!! ♥

Happy, happy, happy in love...oh boy i think i've fallen,
happy, happy, happy in love...i'm so in love
my boy is the best ♥  i was considering not taking my celly to school with me today [cuz nick doesnt have a cell right now so i had no reason to bring mine but i ended up taking it anyway.  
~ well, he called me from his house this morning just to say "i love you" and that he hopes i have a good day ♥ ♥ ♥
i am in the best mood <33 he is so so so soooo sweet!!
just like candy  ♥
last night me and him also chatted with my mom....it was quite the conversation xD
we talked about nicko being an underwear model and before that we were talking about manatees and that i think it would be sexy if he sat on one xD dont ask!! hahaha...
then we were talking about taking a picture of nick in boxer briefs and making it into a huge poster, and we couldnt figure out a background and then i remembered i could always change it on photoshop.
nick: well, what would you change it to?
me: hmm...i'll put you on a beach with some palm trees...and dolphins jumpin around!! xD
mami: no, manatees...
me: 0_o
all: *burst into laughter*
itas hilarious xD
hopefully me and nick get to go to the festival of lights this year =)
i really wanna go...i heard there are baby animals!
speaking of baby animals... i have some photography of wild animals from this summer i have yet to put up, so i'm editing my favorite ones and then i will put them up :) you will like them ^_^
i went to the modelling appointment last night...it was so fun!!!
i got to walk on a runway, and everyone said i did good :)
i was the only girl who didnt take off thier heels and i know i had a good walk :)
and despite my fear, i made eye contact with every person in that room.
they really liked me ^_^ i am gonna read a commercial monologue for them soon also, because i get to schedule a second interview~ !!! gotta call saturday to schedule it :) woo!!
i took some random pictures last night and photoscaped them as i couldnt sleep last night xD

i think i've made my way around photoscape...i don't see alot of tutorials for it either,
it's an easy program to use, but would anyone like me to do tutorials for it?
if you do then just tell me and i'll do it ^_^
~~ i know there are photoshop tutorials, but photoshop is also not free so not everyone has it. but photoscape is free so anyone could use it...i basically know my way around every popular online editor because thats all i did pre-photoshop, so what if i did something like that?


Meri and Anni said...

Is that "please don't make cry.." -sentence from Eisley?
Those pictures looks great, your editing photos are always so nice! You're pretty :3 and it is good to hear that you're happy!! ^w^

Saving Capulet said...

ooh he sounds like a sweet guy, I'm super thrilled for you! and yes please post some tuts for photoscape if you have the time <3 I really like your photos a lot :>

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Chuuuu~ (^3^)♥♥

Lol your mami is so funny! I can't imagine Nick sitting on the manatees! XDXDXD

I'd would like to see your tutorial on how to edit pictures using Photoscape! (^_~)*winks*

Joee Joe said...

You look so beautiful at the I love my bass picture! :D Especially the one with your eyes closed ^^ It's the prettiest lot in your picture (in my opinion) and oh I would like to see a tutorial for Photoscape :)

Anonymous said...

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