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Tuesday, November 2

Peach Girl!

i just finished watching the whole series ^_^
i love it! really dramatic...but i totally understand it
my friend Bella got me into it.
its about this girl named Momo who likes this guy named Touji, but her "friend" Sae messes everything up!
Bella thinks i look like Momo...
do you see the resemblance?? 
left is me last april or may, i recolored the outfit but thats it!
momo might have been my twin! xD
and sae...she is like every horrible person i've ever met combined into one! ugh she is so evil!
she would lie and say the meanest things, then act innocent =.=
i hated her character so much D:
the story was addicting @_@ i had to watch till the very end
sometimes it was almost like deja vu...sae and momo's situations were so familiar sometimes >.<
i finished the whole thing in 2 1/2 days i was so addicted!
here's the first episode if you wanna watch
its in 3 parts
they have the first 19 full episodes on FUNimation's youtube channel
you guys should watch :D

1 comment:

btd. said...

I love Peach Girl!

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