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Friday, November 5

in my mind are pictures of a summer day...

walkin in the sand laughin our cares away ~ ♥
i love the peach girl theme!!! its always stuck in my head!
and im back with my anime look... webcam pics, no edit!!
not bad, eh? =)
 as usual sitting in the school cafeteria talking to nick through text
this morning he accidentally called me xD
it sounded like an earthquake!
and i was very happy when i checked my blogger to see a comment from Awee!
i missed her and her blog ^_^\
and of course my bff Rabbito <33
i ♥ her lots!!
and i have 42 followers now :D
i'm on my way to 50! i'm so excited ^_^
great now im off to class -.-
blg ya later!!


Koo said...

Cute :)
And the header is amaazing!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Aw your anime face looks so cute! I love the little star on your cheek! Believe it or not, I drew a little heart on my cheek as well! (*>♥<)

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